Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Miracle of Alaska

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about this opportunity. The opportunity is Kyani, Inc. I invite you to check out the website because there are so many fantastic points to make that I don't even know where to start.

I guess for starters, I should mention what it is. Kyani Sunrise is a supplement to your diet that will fulfill all of your daily fruit and vegetable needs. I know that I do not take nearly what I should be so this is perfect. The main ingredient is the Wild Alaskan Blueberry. The blueberry is not like others. It grows in such a pure, perfect environment in Alaska that it develops a thicker skin on it creating a richer antioxident. If you are like me, you can not ignore the internet stories about the superfoods that you should be eating. I read them and what usually makes the top of the list...blueberries. Blueberries are one of the very best superfoods. You have to admit, you have heard that many times before. Among blueberries, there are cranberries (good for fighting bacteria), raspberries (Vitamin C for a stronger immune system), wolfberries (slow the aging process), pomegranate (SO good for heart function), grapes (revitalize the skin), noni (promotes joint flexibility), aloe vera juice (stimulates bodies metabolic rate in turn burning energy and lossing weight). As you can see everything in this supplement is incredibly important to maintaining good health.

Along with Kyani Sunrise, there is Kyani Sunset which are Omega 3 and Tocotrienols. The Omega 3 is derived from the Wild Alaskan Salmon. Again, if you know anything about your superfoods, you will know that salmon is also at the top. And if you have experienced Wild Alaskan Salmon (as I have), you will know that it is the best. Omega 3 and Tocotrienols are also imparative to better health. Pretty much every article that I have read online regarding better health mentions that you at least need to eat fish 1-2 times per week and if it was salmon the better. I can honestly say that I don't eat nor can afford salmon that many times per week. Having it in this form has been a lifesaver.

The very latest to be offered is Kyani Nitro FX. This product has shown to help maintain, rerpair and defend every cell in the body. Taken with the other products, Nitro FX delivers even more of the nutrients, oxygen, antioxidants, and nutritional components to critical parts of the body. If you know anything about body builders, you will know that they use forms of nitric oxide to get certain things into their body faster. Same concept and it is even better to know that these are all extremely helpful. You can really pick and choose what you want to take but to receive the maximum in health benefits it is best to take at least the Sunrise and Sunset but best to take all three.

I have seen amazing things from family members on the Kyani products. My brother in law's experience is the best. He works at Micron on the graveyard shift for 12 hours at a time. During his time off, he was always so tired. Not motivated to do anything. Upon taking it, he noticed a remarkable difference in his energy level within about a weeks time. He has accomplished so much. He calls it get of your bum on the weekend juice. It made that much of a difference to him. My brother has joint pain, specifically in his knees. He started taking it and noticed that the pain has gone away. I have a great aunt that has been on it for some time now. She has noticed a remarkable difference in her health. She is no longer on some of the pain meds that she was on. And the product is actually saving her money. My mom has a miriad of health problems and after being on it, she has shown increased energy and many of her health issues are improving quickly. These are just things that I have witnessed close to me but others have amazing testimonials too. Witnessing these little miracles definately causes me to not doubt the bigger ones that many have talked about. For me this has added an energy boost that I needed as well as a fantastic preventative measure in my life.

One of the best parts about this is that the ENTIRE family can take it. The Kyani Sunrise is absolutely safe for kids. I can think of at least one person that reads this blog where their child could potentially see fantastic results. Any child could benefit from the immune boosts that this provides. With a healthier immune system, the greater the chance of not get sick this cold/flu season. Who doesn't want that. Because it is all natural, it is completely safe. If you are anything like me, you would do all that was possible to keep your kids safe and healthy.

This company is in pre-launch, which means that it really is brand new. It is headquartered out of Idaho Falls, Idaho. It was founded by three amazing business people right here in Idaho. Please read and listen about them because their stories are incredible. With financial backing like that, the company can do nothing more than succeed.

As well as using the product for optimal health, you can also become part of the opportunity. They have the best compensation plan of any product out there. I invite you to read about it, because you too will be impressed. My cousin in Utah started her opportunity 3 months ago. This month her check from the company was $1200. This next month she just found out that it is going to be $1800. I don't aspire to be a multimillionare. However I do aspire to financial freedom. To be free from unnecessary debt. To live comfortably right where I am. To generate enough extra money to acheive that goal. Who would not want that? Because this opportunity is so new and the product is so incredible, your time to become involved is now. The market is so new and untouched in so many areas, the potential is great.

I too questioned myself about this opportunity and realized that it is no different than Pampered Chef, Scentsy, Creative Memories, or Stamping Up. The only difference is two things. This product will help me healthwise, which anyone can benefit from. The other is the financial freedom that will naturally result. Just interesting food for thought, Warren Buffet this last year acquired Pampered Chef, a home based business. That said, we can tell that network marketing is a very success industry when one of the riches men in the world recognizes it.

"Home based businesses are one of the fastest growing segments in our economy, and that trend will only continue, as the age of the corporation, which began barely a century ago, now gives way to the age of the entrepreneur… the modern direct selling industry (Network Marketing) is perfectly poised to flourish in this environment and offer unprecedented opportunity to an unprecedented number of people."
~Paul Z. Pilzer, The Next Millionaires

After reading and researching this opportunity and/or product and you would like even more information, the company offers two conference calls per day. There is no obligation upon hearing it. You can even try the product one time and decide to change the order, cancel the order, really whatever you want to do as the customer, You have complete control over your account online. The support to all members of this company will blow you away. It is incredible what is offered online and directly in person. It is absolutely amazing.

The conference calls can be reached twice daily (noon & 6:30pm Idaho time) by dialing:

712-432-7602 passcode 78236#.

Just figure out the time difference to me and anyone can participate no matter where you are.

I have really pondered and prayed about this decision and I feel that it is the right choice for me and my family. I also feel that it can be a fantastic opportunity for others as well. More importantly, I feel that this could be the answer that so many of you have been looking for in taking back your health. If you are not interested, I am positive that you know someone that could benefit. Please pass this opportunity on to them.

I invite you to email me at to give it a try.

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The Elders said...

Kristi, you are hilarious! I know what you mean about the Twilight series. Honestly, I loved the first and third book. The second felt like it dragged on and on. The fourth, I hated it. I liked nothing about it. I kept reading it thinking that it would get better but it didn't. She was trying to please everyone, at least it seemed to me. Bella gets her "human experience", has a baby, turns into a vampire and isn't blood thirsty, she's in total control. Edward changes her into one and that moment was total anticlimatic. She still gets to have a relationship with Jacob and her family. And her special power saves everyone from the Volturi! WHAT!!! Stupid but i am still looking forward to the movie and to see how make it compared to the book.