Monday, October 27, 2008


Friday Gunnar had a trip to the pumpkin patch with his preschool class. When we first got there, I got out the camera for a picture and it told me that it did not have a memory card. Aaaagh! I even remembered to charge the batteries but apparently forgot to check the memory card. I was just a little irritated. Gunnar had a great time and found the perfect little pumpkin. That night we headed over to some friend's house to carve pumpkins. We took one of our larger ones and Jeff had a fun time cutting shapes into it. There was supposed to be a face in there somewhere but it looked more like a toddlers shape sorter than anything. Gunnar did what he does best, play with the other kids and eat sweets. He has a sweet tooth like no other. Towards the end of the evening, it got pretty cold and Gunnar bundled up nice and toasty. That night we went home and lit both of our pumpkins for fun.
Okay, so I am glad Jeff did that because we were leaving for church and Jeff said that our pumpkins were missing. What!? That made me so mad. Sure enough, our two carved pumpkins, our huge magical pumpkin and maybe another were totally gone. I was just downright ticked. The pumpkin robbers were kind enough to leave the two that were completely yucky and falling apart. I really was mad and told Jeff that who ever did it deserves a smack across the head. That just made me mad. Jeff said one day Gunnar may do stuff like that and I told him that I would do the same thing to him if I ever caught him. They could have at least waited for halloween night.

2 clever remarks:

Amber H. said...

I can't believe they stole your pumpkins! I'm so sorry! :o( I've heard of this happening Halloween night, but not before, that's pretty low. I'm sorry!

Camille said...

That totally stinks! Sorry to hear about your pumpkins.