Monday, November 17, 2008

In Living Color

Jeff is a big proponent of letting Gunnar pick out his outfits regardless how much it really does not go together. He never tries to persuade him different and lets him wear it. Saturday was one such day. As I was heading to hula, Jeff and Gunnar were heading to Grandma Miller's. I was shocked at Gunnar's outfit. He was so bright and so unmatched. It was pretty bad. Then Jeff just had to grab the brightest, most colorful winter hat Gunnar has. He looked rediculous but happy.

3 clever remarks:

The Elders said...

Thats so funny! Sounds like something Mark would love to do just to bug me. As long as they are happy though i guess it doesn't matter, right?!

The Elders said...

Kristi, I posted it twice and then i deleted it now knowing it would say that I deleted the comment. So i didn't want you to think that I said something bad. Anyway I will leave you alone now.

jenn . dave . emma . davis said...

I LOVE the outfit! Any mom with a toddler knows exactly who picked that outfit. Adorable.