Monday, November 24, 2008

In Loving Memory of Kirby Pucket Tracy

In our family we take pets very seriously. Often times they are incredibly spoiled if you think about it. No rhinestone collars and posh clothes but lots of love and treats. All of us except my brother (but his fiance has 2 family dogs), have one or two dogs. Jeff's family all have animals too. That's just how it is. This morning I received this email from my sister. So sad but pretty funny:

I am sad to inform you all that we have lost a member of the Tracy family. Kirby Puckett died unexpectedly on Nov. 22,2008 from some unknown bunny cause. (We thought maybe it was from licking the baseboards when we bug sprayed them awhile back but upon further inspection we found that it is his grandma guessed, maybe he had a bunny heart murmur and died of natural causes) At any rate, we thought he had a couple of good years left.

Kirby was born on Nov. 20 something in 2006 (Thanksgiving Day) to a looney rabbit breeder in Boise, Id. that had annoying kids. He was incredibly happy when his mom and dad picked him up and he joined their family on Jan 12, 2007 (good thing I keep a journal for significant dates like this, ha ha!!) He had so much fun eating the carpet and baseboards in his new rental apartment, and his parents were so glad they got their full deposit back when they moved out in Sept 2007. Kirby then lived for a short time ("short" being relative to who you ask) in his grandparents home where he got great exposure to dogs, a toddler, and being stuck in his cage for days because he refused not to pee on the carpet. (Thanks grandma and grandpa for letting him live in your dining room!) In March of 2008 Kirby was happy to be moving into his own home. He spent several months enjoying the new surroundings inside before moving to the fresh outdoors with his new sibling Hurley (whom he was totally oblivious to, but it was a mutual feeling.) Kirby was a happy little fellow who loved playing freely inside, carrots and yogurt drops. He is survived by his parents, Ren and Heidi Tracy; brother, Hurley; and many loving extended family members and their pets.

In lieu of flowers, please give your own pets extra love and attention.

2 clever remarks:

Heidi said...

Thanks for paying tribute to my little guy! It started out as an email to Dad to tell him what happened and it was just to funny, I had to send it to all of you guys.

The Woods said...

I think Heidi has too much time on her hands!! That was too funny.