Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Few Funny Updates from the last post

Okay, to start off, I was talking to my mom yesterday about whatever and the hacking into my Ebay account came up. She started laughing because she was the one that purchased the body slimmer from my account and paid with it. A long time ago when our computer went funny, I used there's and apparently my information was still saved on it. My mom went in and used it thinking no big deal, I want it shipped to her house anyway. Not a big deal if she told me. I really would not have cared at all, however she didn't tell me in time and the whole fiasco started. I found that pretty funny. Also good to know it was not some random third party trying to buy something.

The other thing is that we have one dead mouse down and who knows how many more. When I got home from getting Jeff from work for lunch, I had a surface wipes container on the counter. I always store it under the sink. I needed to return it there and to my horrified surprise, there was this completely dead mouse laying right in from of me. I screamed SO bad. Not just once but a lot and ran to the couch just freaked out. I usually don't get to overly worked up to screaming over things like this but it really surprised me. I knew where they had been and that was not one of the places that they had shown evidence. So anyway, there is one down but there has got to be more because one entire tray is almost eaten gone.

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Camille said...

K- I just caught up on all your posts.

That's so funny that your mom hacked your ebay account. lol! That cracks me up. Congratulations on the muffin tin sales. I couldn't believe it. I posted those pics of the one I started and then as I watched my blog traffic, there were so many hits on google searches for Muffin tin advent calendars. I'm so glad to hear yours did so well. They are DANG cute!

Seriously, you have to let me know how how you added the snow to your blog. I have to know!!!!


Amber H. said...

I'm glad it was your mom and not some random stranger you have to worry about! Too bad she didn't tell you about it before hand though! Ok, so I have to comment about the mouse thing. I used to LOVE mice. I had friends who had them as pets and I held them and played with them all the time. That being said, when we lived in our last rental, one night I was sitting on the couch and all of a sudden saw a flash running through my living room. I totally screamed and freaked out! It was a mouse and I totally flipped! I didn't think I was scared of them until I saw that one running around. Josh chased it down and it actually crawled out through a hole in our floor. We lived in a mobile home and didn't realize someone had drilled a hole there for some sort of wire and when they removed it, it was big enough for a mouse to crawl through. We filled it up and never had any more mice, but I know, it can be traumatizing! I hope they will go away soon...yuck!