Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Where have I been?

I have been home, creating away, as fast as I can. I need to get all of this done within the next two weeks and thinking of some of it has just put me over the edge. I thought that my advent calendars would pretty much be done yesterday, yet I received two orders yesterday. I have made about 20 of these cute little things and sold all of them. This includes the orders on Etsy, the ones in the boutique in southeastern Idaho and private sales. I am thrilled with the outcome and they are actually really fun to make. Each one turns out completely different keeping them interesting. I just have one custom order album left to do and a wedding gift that comes with us to California. Oh ya, I have the calendars to finish for christmas gifts. I actually managed to finish my nursery gifts. They turned out really cute and I hope to take and post pictures soon.

So what has happened other than this craft frenzy. We obviously celebrated Thanksgiving last week. We spent it with Jeff's family at our house, which turned out actually fun. It was the first time we cook a turkey. I have pictures of that entire ordeal but I left the memory card in my coat pocket which is in the car that Jeff took to work. The day after Thanksgiving was my 28th birthday. I celebrated my 28th birthday on the 28th. Isn't there something like that is my golden birthday. Heidi and I went shopping in the morning. We always usually go to just Fred Meyer for socks every year. Jeff had this entire scheme going for my birthday and i had no idea so when I get that memory card and time I will post more about it later.

We discovered last week that we have a mouse or an entire family in a cupboard where we keep our cooking oil/venigar. We got the poisen and set it out and I know that things are eating on it. Well today after lunch and right after Jeff left for work, I wanted to see if more of the poisen has been eaten. I always open it just a crack just in case a mouse is in there. There never is...until today. I saw that thing shimmy up this electric box thing. Eeeww!

This morning I woke up to an email that stated that I won a body slimmer on Ebay because I used Buy it Now, that I paid for it and that it would be shipped today. What!? I didn't do that. I immediately sent emails to the seller, changed all passwords on the site and jumped onto Ebay Live Chat. Let me tell you, those people are so nice and chatting back and forth instantly like that was so helpful. I was on there for an hour almost exactly trying to get this thing cleared up. Sure enough a third party initiated the sale. Ebay was able to get rid of it completely and get it taken care of. We reset the passwords again and that was that.

While brushing my hair today, I noticed a gray hair. My first one ever! My hair was straightened so maybe that was the difference and why I just noticed it.

Oh ya, on Saturday it totally dawned on me that I had yet to receive the prints from John W. Golden for my brother in law's birthday. I emailed the Etsy seller and he saw that sure enough the order had not shipped for some reason. He totally rememberd talking to me. He offered a free print along with it and shipped it yesterday. I ended up getting 3 prints for the price of one when this was all said and done. This last weekend I also received this really cute business card case that I ordered. Is that not the cutest fabric. I love it and the seller was fantastic to work with.

I think that all of this pretty much sums up these past few weeks. I hope to post pictures soon. And I just remembered, we got all of our Christmas stuff up this weekend. Everything is still a bit of a disaster but our tree and outside lights look great and it was fun

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The Price Family said...

Shellee just had something similar happen on ebay!

Mindy said...

and in the mean time while all that excitement happens, you end up talking to me for like an hour everyday! ;) I hope things settle down soon!