Monday, December 8, 2008

Santa and the Caldwell Night Light Parade

First I just have to mention that I think the mice may be gone hopefully for a long time. The other night Jeff and I were talking about how we poisened them but then where do they die. Probably in our walls or something. Well we found the one under the sink and then I found another one. I was getting ready to throw Gunnar's dirty clothes into his closet until I saw a mouse laying dead right where his basket would be. It was so gross. I think that I could handle them in the kitchen but to see that they have been in bedrooms just creeps me out. Anyway, so I screamed, Jeff came running and disposed of it. I have not seen anymore traces of them.

So this weekend is a really fun time in Caldwell. The first Saturday in Caldwell is the Open House at the fire station with Santa and the Night Light Parade. It is always a really fun day. The past two years, my family has mentioned how fun it would be to make a night of it with dinner at our house since we live so close. So that is what we did.

From 2-4pm (I think that I am writing this down mainly because I forget every year what time it is) the fire station has an open house with Santa, cookies and punch. Last year Gunnar had a meltdown and cried. I was interested in seeing what happened this year. All of really good until we were the second people in line. Gunnar started walking away from the line, he also wanted to be held and hung to my leg. I forced him to go and he did great. He just looked really petrified but he sat there without crying. I took some pictures but the firemen also take pictures and get them printed right there for you. Gunnar was also given a little candy cane and he acted like the entire Santa thing was no big deal. We got a cookie and went outside to check out the fire trucks. Gunnar was pretty excited about that.
He shoved the rest of his cookie in his mouth before this picture. Cookies and firetrucks, what more could little boys ask for.

My family met at our house at 4:30pm. We had really yummy taco soup and had a great time getting ready for the parade. It was definately warmer than past years. We were prepared with a blanket, hot chocolate and cookies. We really do live so close so driving there and back is a breeze. We park in the local Walgreens parking lot and walk not even a block to the parade route. Getting out is so easy. We just take the neighborhood roads back home. Caldwell has been doing a really good job and beautifying the downtown area. We have a large creek running through downtown. They have been working at opening it up and landscaping it. They have so many Christmas lights down there. We walked around looking at them before the parade started. They were beautiful. We decided to find a spot because we could see that the parade was coming down the road. This floats for this parade are always so well done and really bright with lights. Everyone gets involved. It's a lot of fun and pretty long. Gunnar had a great time checking out each float.

This stocking was huge! It was made to fit over a small car. It was really funny and just so odd to look at driving down the street. Gunnar was so good and played peek a boo to pass time. He cracks me up!Crookham is a seed place in town so every year they pass out bags of popcorn. This is something everyone looks forward to.
Afterwards we headed back to the house for some apple crisp. I made it and set the oven for delay start. I just guessed when to start it and for how long. We got home and it had one minute left. It was so perfect and yummy! Thanks family for coming. We had such a great time and hope to make it a yearly tradition.

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Rachel C. said...

Mmm, yummy! I want apple crisps! Don't you love it when baking times turn out just right?