Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Secrets of Super Healthy People

I was heading over to Yahoo to check my email when I saw this article about secrets to staying super healthy. I thought that I would share since cold and flu season is upon us.

I will start with the fact that I have never ever gotten a flu shot. I hardly ever get sick so I figured I should never get one. Gunnar has gotten one every year since he was born except this year. We just never got one. Jeff has gotten one for the last several years through work but managed to completely forget to get it this year. You are probably thinking that we are totally susceptable and open to the cold and flu this year. I would like to have you think differenly because we are on Kyani this year. Since getting it, we have been taking it more as a preventative thing. Now I am a firm believer that this stuff does its job. The past couple of days I could tell that a sore throat has been coming on. I upped my dosage of Kyani and it has never progressed. I could actually tell that it was going away. That is amazing! Gunnar is also on it and has been doing great. I don't expect them to not come but I do expect them to not be so bad. If they also decide not to fall upon our family, that is good too.

How does this relate to the yahoo article. One of the secrets is taking your recommended amount of vitamin D which could be found in sockeye salmon. Kyani Sunset is exactly that in its most purest form. We are also told that we need to get enough vitamin C. Kyani Sunrise meets all daily recommendations for fruits and vegetables.

With Kyani, we should be able to say no to colds and flus this year.

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