Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New Member of the Sweet Digi Scraps Creative Team

So like I do often, I browse the free digital scrapbooking sites. A few weeks ago I happened upon one with pretty cute stuff. It is called Sweet Digi Scraps and the persons name is Liz. In her blog she also stated that she was looking for 5 new Creative Team members. I thought to myself why not and applied. Through tons of applicants I made it. Is that not the craziest thing. I have only been at this since the spring of this year. I was pretty excited. I found out right before Thanksgiving and have recently been getting into it. I have access to all of her stuff for free in exchange to creating layouts with it and posting it in 3 scrapbook site galleries. I have really enjoyed it because people post comments about your layouts. I really thrive on the comments. I love to read what others have written. It makes me happy to know that I have inspired someone else.

Being offered this experience has been fun. It has forced me to work on my pictures. It causes me to learn something new. The ladies there are also fun to work with. Can't wait to post more of my layouts in the future.

2 clever remarks:

Mindy said...

those pages look nice! so... i know you don't have much to do lately and wondering where my wedding album is?!? haha... just kidding, but i really do wonder

Amber H. said...

Congrats! I love sweet digi scraps! I always grab their kits when they are free! :o)