Thursday, January 15, 2009

Our mode of transportation

Some of you may have wondered, what exactly we are bringing my mom home in. So I will share. It is a rather nice travel van. The very nice Jensen's in my parent's ward (used to be in ours) let us borrow it. This, I believe, is the direct result of lots of fasting and prayer. It has a teeny kitchen and an even smaller potty in it. The back turns into one complete bed. Our goal Thursday during PT is to figure out the logistics of getting mom in there and just getting things situated in general. The discharge nurse told us today that she has things pretty much squared away. We sure hope so. Things are coming together.

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mandbrid said...

Hi Kristi,

I've been reading all of your posts but I'll only comment here...I hope you trip home goes smoothly and that your mom mananges the transition well. I would love to have Gunnar over any time you would like. My kids would have a great time with him. Call me any time...I'll email you my #. Remember to get some rest for yourself too!
Lots of love and prayers...

Rachel C. said...

I awarded you a fabulous award! Check out my latest post for the details!