Friday, January 16, 2009

Big Day and Ikea-Blah!

Tomorrow is the big day and we are all getting excited. Today was a much much better day for everyone. My mom's mood was fantastic and she was ready to pack things up. She wanted us to take down all of the cards, etc in her room this morning and pack up this afternoon. All of today;s therapy was getting her and us ready for the move. During PT, we analyzed the van to figure out the best way to get her in. Eric and my dad laid out a plan and put it into action. My dad and I had to carry it out. It went so incredibly well and all that we needed to help was a small step stool. The van bed is quite high in the back so this was quite and accomplishment with little ease. We practiced it twice and called it good. Getting out was actually the easiest I thought. My mom today was moved to a normal diet. We are so proud of her. No more ground or chopped (which didn't last long) foods. She she also slowed down her thinking quite a bit to try and get out what she wanted to say. It was great. Noelle's parents stopped by to visit one last time. We love them so much. They are greatly missed and I still have yet to leave Sacramento. My mom was trying to say something and after about 50 questions from 6 of us, we narrowed it down to something to do with Katie and Mark. Something while they were here. She was trying to speak so well but it was not quite there. The first words was I but we couldn't make out the rest. Finally someone suggested a blessing for her before she left. Bingo! That was it and she remembered and wanted to do it while they were there. It was great and Brent, my dad, and Mark were there for the blessing. It was great and my mom is so good at remembering things like that. Afterwards the 6 of us went out to eat at Jack's Urban Eats and then started the quest of packing and getting things ready.

My dad has been much better. He is doing exactly what we were taught with her leg and more aware of her arm. He is more sensitive with everything. For a while there I was going insane.

During the afternoon, we needed to find a portable cammode for the van. We were told that Lowes carries them and so on the way to Ikea we found a Lowes close. The cammode was not what we were looking for. It was too big and bulky and just had a lot of unneccessary things with it. We ended up finding a cheaper one, closer to the hospital and almost like the one at the hospital. So back to Ikea. I am so mad at that place right now. I wanted those shelves but I also wanted a cute piggy bank that I found online. One of those things that you can only find in the store. I went to find that first and was told that they did not have any in stock despite the fact that the computer said that they had 6. Stupid! We then went to find the shelves. After talking to two people, the last person said that they have been discontinued and are sold out. I asked about the display models and they said that they can only take those down at a certain time and that they could be found in the as-is section when that happens. I was so frustrated. It was such a wasted trip and I was looking forward to getting them. Why did they have them displayed so prominently if they don't carry them anymore. So dumb! I am so not a fan at the moment.

So anyway, this is what has been happening today. A very busy day and exciting one too. We are all ready to get home again. After the long trek it will definately take my mom a few days to get into the swing of things and the rest of us to figure out how things work. We are looking forward to shutting the California chapter of this book.

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Camille said...

Prayers, prayers, prayers! I hope that your drive is going very well. :)

Sharon/mom said...

Steve is going to call your dad, but I thought I would ask you too, if and when we can visit. I know you're very busy, but when you get a chance I would really appreciate it. love you!


Kristi, you are such a strong person. I deal with depression, I take meds, and I go to therapy on occasion, reading your blog has helped me to stop thinking about myself, and start thinking about other people, and being grateful for my life. I feel sorry for myself sometimes, and whenever I read your blog I think, "amy, you have nothing to complain about." I'm very grateful that you are posting, your blog could be a book, you might even want to see if you could publish it, -it shows a little of what it's like to be on the other side of it, the daughter, the friend. It shows how scared you have been at times, but more so how brave you have been, how strong you have been, and how you are still going on with life, still going to Ikea to look for a piggy bank, still enjoying yummy food, you are still living your life. That is strength. You were supposed to be the oldest child, you are strong. I wonder how your health is doing, and if you are doing ok? If the food was yummy, then that's a good sign that it all hopefully hasn't affected your appetite, my anxieties go straight to my stomach. I just wanted to let you know what a tremendous strength and rock you are. I know you aren't perfect, but I think you are amazing. Remember to take care of yourself too. I can't believe you are a wife and a mother through all of this, - you are a rock. We pray for Robin, and your family every night in family prayer. And by the way- I love Ikea. And now they are doing fabric!