Monday, February 9, 2009


Yesterday Jeff stands at my side of the bed around 7:30am stating that he believes that he might have chicken pox. What?! He seriously can't remember or doesn't know whether he had it as a kid. He has itchy little (I mean some of these were pretty little) red bumps on his body that itched. He didn't have any on his face. He told me that they had been itching since last Tuesday. I was not thrilled if it really was chicken pox. However, they didn't look like what I remember chicken pox looking like. They were that big. I remember them big. So we didn't go to church because we didn't know what it was for sure. We didn't want to infect people if it was contagious in any way. Jeff called the doc in the box that is now in the Walmart nearby and the guy that answered the phone actually suggested waiting to go to our normal doctor on Monday. So jeff waited today to only be told that he couldn't get in but could go to their urgent care. After a long wait, Jeff was seen and told that he has folliculitis. He was told that it is something very common in the winter time, more common in men and not that bad afterall. Antibiotics should cure it right up.

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Sharon/mom said...

that's crazy! I have never heard of that! Doesn't sound like fun! I'm glad he will get better soon.