Monday, February 9, 2009

Does your mom know her left from her right?

Of course I do! However I apparently didn't Saturday night. My parent's left for Elks so the rest of us were getting ready to head home by cleaning up and getting shoes on. I put on Gunnar's and didn't get them on the right feet. I didn't even notice until Heidi pointed it out. I got a picture because it was so funny looking. Then Gunnar decided that we needed to see his bell. He got so into it.
He then thought that it would be funny to rub his belly for the picture. It was so funny. We were all cracking up. We got home that night and he still wanted to take pictures showing his belly.

2 clever remarks:

Sharon/mom said...

They are so silly!!! I love little people!


i just caught up on the blogs. i'm glad your mom got to go home. i feel bad that she wanted to stay and couldn't. she seems to be doing well. i'm so glad.