Sunday, February 8, 2009

Much needed weekend home

So Saturday my mom was given a pass to leave for up to 6 hours. Heidi the night before called to tell me that they (sisters) wouldn't be going to hula because of things that they needed to do. I didn't see a reason why I couldn't go. It was fun and very relaxed as there were only four of us there. I ended up talking to Tasha (instructor/friend) and the Aunties for quite a while.

My mom and dad decided to go home for the pass and have a little BBQ. It was just kids/spouses and Stan and Margeen. I got home about 2:30pm. I guess that my mom ended up getting home around noon. Maybe a little later. It was great to see her there. She looked like she was really enjoying her time home. Around 3pm, she was getting tired and wanted a nap in her bed. Having her home was a great opportunity to see what needed to be added to the house to help her get around. We discovered what needed to be done to the bathrooms to make it easier and also discovered that a wheelchair moves around the house quite nicely. My parent's purposely built their house for old age so it was great to have everything the way that it is. The goal is that she will not go home with a wheelchair at all. Heidi and I got her into bed and then my dad came in. We left and my dad sensed that something was on her mind. She told him that she does not want to go back to Elks now. Hopefully this entire experience is motivation and something to look forward to after her hard work at Elks. She still has lots to learn and work on but with 2 weeks left at Elks she will be in a different much better place. There is so much progress that can happen in two weeks. My mom woke up around 6pm and was ready to head back to Elks. It was so good to see her at home. Gunnar loved her there and loved showing her the train set. She will probably have another pass this next weekend, so we will have to wait and see what happens.

3 clever remarks:

mandbrid said...

How exciting! She is definitely making great progress.

Sharon/mom said...

I'm so glad it went so well. I am glad that she felt comfortable to be at home. I know you mentioned she was nervous about it. I am sooooo happy for her and all of you!!! love you tons!

Jeff & Sandy Gale said...

I'm thrilled that things worked out so well having your mom at home. I know that she and all of you will be glad when she gets to be at home.
Gunnar is adorable. Aren't kids so funny!