Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Not Forgotten

Oh poor blog, I really have not forgotten you. So much has happened that I feel guilty everyday for not writing. Life has just picked up incredible speed these last couple of weeks. Brent and Noelle were in town, my mom had a birthday, my dad left and I am caring for my mom during the days full time. This all eats up so much of my day. I hope to get this caught up soon, I promise. I have this mentality right now that I need pictures with each post. Not surewhy because that is not always necessary.

On a fun (and also what is taking up much of my time), I have lots of new projects going on. Too many actually. It recently occured to me that spray paint can change the look of a lot of things. So I am in the process of painting all (like 50 of them) of my kitchen pulls from a hideous gold to a dark bronze. It looks so good! It gives the kitchen a nice warm feeling with just that one little change. I have around 30 of them left. It is pretty time consuming. I also bought a new headboard for Gunnar which needs to be painted. It was a bargain! More on that later. I also found the GIGANTIC picture frames on craigslist for $5 each (bargain) that I need to redo. One will be painted and assembled into a chalkboard for Gunnar's room. The other will be used in our bedroom as an awwesome accent. More on that later as well. I am in the final stages of painting Gunnar's red dresser. I had to paint around 10 coats on that thing. I will never do red again. Okay, so maybe. The drawers on chalkboard paint which needs another coat to be save. When it is finished, it will look awesome. I also need to paint blue in his bedroom and install a chair rail. I am also needing to paint a bunch of various, random spots around the house. I am also wanting to remove this apple wallpaper border in the kitchen (we have lived here for some time that we just forget that it is here) and have a vinyl saying made with something Hawaiian to put up there. I also saw counter top paint at Lowe's today. Hmmm, should I try that in the bathroom. It could be cool to use. I am also wanting to find curtains for the front room and our bedroom. It would just look so much better. Oh ya, I want to make tone on tone stripes with a shimmer on our accent wall in our bedroom. The paint costs $46 per gallon. Uh no! So the paint man suggested polycrylic to just make the stripes subtly pop. It would look so neat. Hmm, what else am I working on... it should be cleaning my house. I am at my mom's all day that I hate to come home late and work on mine. It has been a little neglected. And my washing machine sensor of sorts stopped working so I have pretty much all of my jeans sitting in a tub of water. Jeff is at POST for Juvenile Probation training for 2 weeks so he isn't home to figure it out. That sucks!

I will try to take pictures of what I have been working on. I am starting to get really excited about some of these nearly finished projects. To me, they really do look great. Oh ya, I should share my bargains too in another post. So many great ones!

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Sharon/mom said...

You sound like Amy! It's too bad you two live so far apart, I think you would really hit it off. You two would have fun bargin hunting and redecorating everything. Thanks for the email. I am so grateful for the blogs, they have made us all so much closer! Love you!!!