Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sweet Little Miracles

Last Thursday, good friends of ours went to their regular OB appointment to find out that it was time to have their twins! They were sent across the street to the hospital to check in and have them c-section. One baby was breech and the other transverse. There was no way that they were coming out on their own.

Ann and Travis have been married for 8 years, just a few months longer than we have. They later discovered that they could not have children on their own for some undiscovered reason and started looking into adoption. They were currently on the waiting list for a child from China when they went ahead with artificial insementation (I believe). They later found out that they were going to be parents of twins and later boys. We were so excited for them.

This last Sunday we decided to visit them at the hospital. We expected to visit just them since the babies were in NICU. When we got there they were not there and the nurse informed us that they were downstairs and that they are open to visitors. I have never been in the NICU so I did not realize that there is a little world behind the very plain looking doors. We had them paged and Travis came out. They were willing to take us back! I was quite excited to see Ann and the babies. I had to vigorously clean my hands before taking off for the room.

The little guys are so tiny and adorable and Ann looked so great and happy that they are finally here. They were about 5.5 weeks early and weighed in at 5lb 1oz and 5lb 2oz (the scale in a picture said 1.6oz). They both are essentially the same and such a great size for preemies. Their names are Whitaker and Cael. Sweet little Cael was born with an underdeveloped lung and a club foot. He is expected to recover from both well. They were both so nice enough to let us come back there. We really enjoyed the visit. It was such a sweet reminder that children are a gift from our Heavenly Father. He loves all of us so much.

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My mom said she had a really good time visiting with your family. I'm so glad your mom has you girls! That was a neat story about your friends. They are miracles.

Sharon/mom said...

That was so sweet thanks for sharing!
love you!

Robert and Hannah said...

I am so glad you were able to go see them. I have thought a lot about their family the last few weeks.

Megan and Greg said...

That sounds awesome. As far as your previous post, it was nice to read. Don't worry about that other person. I'll be not as eloquent as you and say that some people are just stupid. Your next child will come when it's time. Greg and I have been feeling ready for a child for awhile, but now that we've been here, I can see how difficult having a baby would be. And really, what's one more year? During the wait it's hard, but just like you said, Heavenly Father knows what he's doing can he can see everything before we can. I just really enjoyed your post. Thanks!