Monday, March 23, 2009

Smart Kid

You know Gunnar has been around my mom long enough when we can successfully put on an arm brace by himself. He even got the thumb in the right spot. My mom was getting ready for her nap, I believe, on Friday so Gunnar had a go at it.
My mom had therapy that day so while she was there, Gunnar and I ran errands and went to the park. More on that in another post when I can get some sleep, find some time and sort through the pictures. The day was perfect and the park was fun. Before we headed for the park, we stopped to check in on my mom. The PT were doing some pretty heavy duty stretching. Because of her inactivity in ICU, her tendons (I believe) in her ankle shorten and make it tricky to walk. She can't really get the full range of motion from it. So they were stretching it pretty hard. The are going to look into this thing that she can put on her foot at night that can be slowly tightened over time to give her that slow stretch. Notice that nude colored glove on her right hand. That glove just helps the swelling go down in her hand. It forces them back into her body. She said that it is pretty comfortable. She has been getting more sensation in her arm. Most of it pretty painful. She said that she can feel more in her middle finger. All good news. Hopefully it will continue to improve.Gunnar decided that he needed to lay down just like grandma and do exercises.
Don't let his cuteness fool you. He has been such an aweful kid this last week and I see know signs of improvement in the immediately future. He thinks that everything is hilarious. There is no such thing has descipline. It is all hilarious. He randomly screams if he can't get his way. I am sure that ward members know what I am talking about. He fails to listen pretty much every time. Most everything out of his mouth is a demand. Kisses are totally out the door. Hugs are in only if you are willing to put up with some eye poke or something because he finds it hilarious. In some regards I can't blame him. Grandpa left 2 Mondays ago and the Sunday after that, dad left for a week to work? Up until then he thought that dad went to work and came home every night. This last weekend he wanted nothing to do with Jeff for that first hour or two. Sad. He now goes to Wings (child care setting) with Heidi two times per week. And then we are spending pretty much all of our day times with grandma. I can see where that gets confusing.

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That is so funny that he laid down like grandma, that is so cute. He is a really cute kid, I'm so sorry he's been giving you trouble, Lizzie has been having the same problem lately. Except he still does sweet things- she said one minute he's so sweet, and the next he's a punk saying "mom you are such a mean mom". That is funny that he knew exactly how to put on that arm brace. I'm glad you guys got to go outside and have fun at the park. Does he like Heidi's work?