Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cupcakes Anyone?

This is posted way late but too fun not to mention. I have never been one to do anything for April Fool's Day. With the help of fun blogs that I follow, I found this idea for cupcakes...or are they.

They are actually mini meatloafs with mashed potatoes on top. I do not really like meatloaf but this recipe was really good. I really liked them and so did everyone else. I used potato pearls so the frosting wasn't as creamy looking but it worked. It was really funny. When Heidi and Gunnar got home, Gunnar of course wanted a cupcake. Heidi was a little leary. I didn't tell them what they were. I just said that dinner was ready. I told Heidi to take a taste of the frosting. She thought that it might be playdough or something not edible. It was pretty fun. Gunnar ate it just like he would a cupcake, the frosting first and off the top.
Ren stayed home from work because he did not feel well so he headed over. Heidi asked him if he was hungry. He said that he was not but he would probably eat a cupcake. We had to tell him that they were little meatloaves. It was funny. The entire thing was pretty funny. I looked and looked for the link but am sick of looking for it, so an easy search would easily bring it up.

4 clever remarks:

Rachel C. said...

That is a GREAT idea because nobody feels too stupid afterward! I always want to play April fools jokes, but then don't want to make anyone feel bad. I'll have to make these!

Michelle Johnson said...

Those are so cute! My girls would probably love them!

Ha! That's just like Ren...Not feeling good, but he'll eat a cupcake or chocolate over real food! Crazy!


that is so funny. When i saw the pic- I thought- ok those don't look freaksih by anymeans- but they don't look right- they look flatter, that is really funny, and a really good idea. I love how Gunnar just ate it like normal- frosting first, then the cupcake.

Danielle said...

That's hilarious. I think I've heard of this actually. Great way to get your kid to eat something I guess! The pics in the past few posts are so cute. Gunnar is adorable.