Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Soloist

My mom and I saw The Soloist last Tuesday in the movie theater. She really wanted to go so we went after therapy. We had a really great time and I am sure that she liked getting out other than therapy most of the time. The movie was fantastic. We both really enjoyed it.

It is about a reporter looking for a story to write about and stumbles upon a homeless man. The man happens to be really good at the cello and had originally started his schooling at Julliard. He is really good. The problem is that he developed some mental illness issues which led to him living on the streets in LA. The reporter befriends him (and starts writing articles about him) and tries so hard to bring him back into mainstream society. It was a really interesting story on mental illness and homelessness collectively and individually. It brought me back to the Oprah a while back about the tent cities in Sacramento. About the issues that homeless people face and how sad that really is. Being homeless is also such a scray environment especially in these larger cities. It also made me reflect on mental illness and how it is such a sad and very real thing. Many homeless people have mental illness. It was a great movie about these two social issues and the story itself. This is a true story. I just love seeing true stories and then reading about where they are now at the end.

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Hannah said...

Kristen and I went and saw this last night. It was a great movie, I could have lived without some of the language, but I loved the story and the music.

mandbrid said...

Sounds like a good one...I'll add it to my list!