Wednesday, April 29, 2009

First Spring Lesson

Shortly after my dad left, Gunnar and I are together on Fridays while my mom is in therapy. It was such a great day so we headed to the park with the other million moms. The park also has a pond with lots of ducks so we were going to feed them. I had Gunnar so excited about that one.
The park was the same as usual but he did learn to walk across the little bars that are high and all seperated. He was so proud of himself. That could be quite scary but he was determined.

Afterwards we went to the car, grabbed the bread and excitedly headed to the pond. Little did I know that the ducks all paired up with their counterpart and wanted nothing to do with bread. They seriously did not want anything. Several were goin' at it if you know what I mean. There was a girl duck and three boy ducks having a party and Gunnar started truckin' it towards them thinking that he could feed them. I had to quickly get him distracted. It was such a dissappointment but when all of those little babies hatch, I bet they will be hungry.

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