Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Flash Back to the Past

Wow we are going way back. How aweful is this but it was all fun times. Mindy has been so much better about getting pictures on her blog than me. This is going way back to my mom's birthday party, which was March 6th. Brent and Noelle showed up in town because of my mom's birthday but my dad was also leaving that same weekend for Iraq again. It was so great to have all of us together. I just love spending time with my family. We are never boring, I tell ya.

Heidi is getting so good at making cakes. The funny part is that we are not a cake family at all. But this one was so good. It kind of looks like there is blood dripping down it but the strawberries and chocolate were great.

My mom did a great job at blowing out the candles which is very hard for her and she even sang along with us. Mindy caught all of that on video which she posted on her blog. Then one of our traditions is to sing "heavy, heavy hang over your poor head. Whacha gonna do with it (then you name three things that you can do with the gift one of them being the right answer)". Then the person guesses. If they are wrong, they get bonked on the head with the gift. We have done this since I could remember. Not really sure where it originated. Anyway, so we did that. Everybody but us went in together to get a set of ottomans and a large wicker basket for my mom. They had just gotten a wall mounted tv and the space underneath it in the built in was empty. This was a great solution. It also provides extra seating/storage if needs be. Jeff, Gunnar and I got her 3 hand soaps from Bath and Body Works. They all smell so good. I wanted some for myself.She also walked away with extra treats from just about anyway. It was great. We had tons of fun that night. Side note: Gunnar would live with, live by, marry if he could his Auntie No No. Holy cow this kid loves her. He follows her around nonstop. They are two peas in a pod when she is around.

The next day my dad left for the airport and at the same time so did Brent and Noelle. It was a mega good bye party. This time kind of was not as bad as the first for some reason. However it did mean that it was the start of a busy road for the ones left behind.

While we were waiting around, I found some of Gunnar's flash cards at home and brought them for mom. They actually worked great. So dad, mom, Heidi and Gunnar were going through them. The only problem was that Gunnar would shout out the answer before my mom like it was a race. It was hilarious. He would then say after many of them, "I have that at home." My mom was pretty good at the words if she could get it before Gunnar. We were using the nonpicture side where she had to read the words.

Noelle and Brent had a redo of their Disney honeymoon so they picked up Gunnar's early birthday present while they were there. He LOVES Disney CARS. Loves them. So he loved that he got two new ones. I couldn't even get a picture of him looking at me because he is so busy looking at the backs of the cars. The kid cracks me up.Everybody was off and Gunnar knew change was coming. He knew that they were all leaving but he never realized for how long. He really hates goodbyes and always acts like a stinker. You kind of feel bad for him. We definately miss papa. Gunnar still kind of believes that he is at the airport. You ask him where papa is and he will say airport.

Note: Mindy and Rillz got a phone call as they were headed back to Caldwell from the airport that my dad's flights are all delayed and that he would be coming home. The plane that he was supposed to get on was coming from Chicago. They were all delayed because of weather. By the time the plane arrived and my dad made all of his other flights to the east coast,he would have missed his international flight. Which ment that he would be spending the night and next day in the airport. Why do that when he could spend an extra day at home and make all of his flights. So they picked him back up and headed home. It was actually perfect for my parents. They got to spend uninterrupted time together and everything was already packed so there was nothing to do. Mom, Gunnar and I dropped him off the next day.

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