Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dumpity, Dumpity

First off, that is what Gunnar calls Humpty Dumpty. It is really pretty funny but that is not really the reason for the post. The reason is the little stinker and grandma.

Friday, one of the members of my mom's ward came over to visit. While they were visiting Gunnar and I were out mowing the lawn. Actually I was mowing and he was driving his little Gator (powerwheel sort of John Deere thing) around the yard. He loves making a big loop through my moms front porch. When he nears the rail opening near the front door, he must take a hard right to make it. It must give him some sort of thrill. Who knows. Anyway, my mom and her friend were out in the driveway talking about the trees. Really I don't know but they were out there. I was finished mowing so I pulled the mower into the shop. As I was jumping off, her friend came over to me and said that she needed my help to get my mom up. Gunnar had run into her and she fell over. Oh geez! What happened was that they were walking up the sidewalk as Gunnar came cruizin down it as well and he ran into the back of her legs and she basically sat down. But then she can get up if that happens. She was acually laughing and it was kind of funny. The Gator could have hit anyone at the perfect level to topple them. It just happen to be my mom. He felt really, really bad like he always does. My mom has never come close to falling but this was fall #2 for the weekend.

Saturday as we were all out weeding the flower beds, my mom got some crazy hair on her head that made her think that she could weed. She can't even get her shoe or brace on by herself. Heidi warned her not to do it. It probably was not the best idea. Heidi and I were on another flower bed and Gunnar and my mom were together. Before we knew it, my mom was laying on her front stuck. Oh brother! She was, of course, fine and not really scared from it. She told us that Gunnar pushed her while she was bent over. She stayed in the bigger people Gator the rest of the afternoon and supervised. Heidi warned her what might happen and she didn't listen.

On a great note, she drove the Gator all by herself. That is quite a big deal since she can't drive a car because her right side was affected. I think that she really enjoyed it. It gave her a sense of accomplishment.

3 clever remarks:

Beth said...

Geez Kristi... One too many stories about your Mom ending up on her head for me! Don't make me come over there :)

Just kidding! Too funny!

Glad she is driving the gator... so fun!

A*Waite said...

Hey I found your blog as I was surfing a friends blog. Fun to catch up on cyber world. I hope all is going well! It has been a really long time since I have run into either you or Jeff. I hope all is going well.
Take Care,
Amber (Waite) Croff

Jeff & Sandy Gale said...

I've been thinking about your mom all week. Does she like visitors, or can it still be overwhelming. I'm going to be in Caldwell tomorrow. If you get this, do you think she'd mind if I stopped in for a couple minutes.