Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I am enjoying a rather nice day today. Gunnar is sleeping and Jeff is over at his mom's. I am catching up on computer stuff that needed to be done. This is my kind of day. Just relaxing and enjoying myself. I really needed it. All that my mom wanted for Mother's Day was for all of us girls and spouses to work on her yard. With the rain, sun, rain, sun lately, it caused the weeds to sprout up everywhere. Just another spring time chore. It was fun and the weather was really nice. I feel like we accomplished a lot. Not nearly as much as we would have liked but we made a little dent. We all got a lot of sun and it felt good. My mom was even out there with us for some time. I think that she really enjoyed herself. It was good for her to be around what she loves doing.

We decided to take Kaika with us over there. She was always the one dog that would most likely do the best with other dogs. She is also the dog that was the most protective/possessive over heer family. So we had no idea how she would do with my parent's two dogs. If it came down to it, we could stick her in the little kennel that they have. They also do not have a fence so we stuck Heidi's dog's wireless fence collar on her. She did so great. She interacted well with the other dogs (pretty much ignored each other) and stayed around once she got shocked REALLY bad twice. She quickly learned her lesson...until one of their cats went running through the trees later in the day...and she forgot that she had a shock collar on. Boy was that interesting. Heidi and I were yelling for her to stop and she didn't. About 2 seconds into the shock she realized that she was being shocked and she yelped as she ran so fast back to us. Quite entertaining. I guess that we could say that she had her shock therapy for the day. She was the puppy growing up that learned that she could endure the electric fence shock long enough to make it to the other side. This system doesn't stop shocking once you get past the line. It was great for her to get out of the house with other dogs and us.

At Walmart and there is this spot where homeless people like to stand with their signs. It is away from the stores and at the end of the parking lot where you would pull out onto the main road. Yesterday there was a woman. She looked pretty normal to me and presentable. In the parking lot near her, she had a really old car parked. Her sign read, "Need help with bills." For the short time that I sat there waiting to merge right onto the road, I watched 3 cars give her money. Quite interesting because she didn't present herself as homeless just needed to pay bills. Wouldn't we all love money for our bills but would any of us stand out in front of others and essentially beg for it. I sure hope that it is money well spent. I have a couple of other opinions that I will just leave it at this. Who am I too judge. We should sure others and not expect anything in return.

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