Sunday, May 17, 2009

Should I go bulky or more toned muscles?

My mom and I (and Jeff) have joined a gym and the best part is that my mom has a long term trainer. HaHaHa! It really just makes me laugh. I really don't know why actually. We go MWF at 9am and I am quite interested in seeing how this goes. We decided that me working out with her was not going to work. First off, I have no idea what she really should be doing or how the machines work. Secondly, I am no motivation for her. She could easily say that she was done and pout a little and that is that. With a trainer, she is held accountable and pushed a little to work harder. Now we have no excuses for not going. She now goes to Speech and Occupational therapy only, so this fills in that gap.

The best part is that my mom has no tact or care for what she says. Seriously this stroke took away all censorship. She has none and doesn't care. The representatives office looked out onto the locker room entrances. While we were filling out the last of the paperwork, my mom told me and the guy (Jose), "Look! There are lots of fat people that go here" as three older larger ladies walked into the locker room. I thought that I was going to die...from what she said...and laughing. Jose was doing the same. I guess the kicker is that we all have probably thought that but we definately would not say it out loud. My mom just goes straight to the saying part and skips the thinking.

Seriously I wouldb never muscle up. Those people look f.r.e.a.k.y!

3 clever remarks:

Danielle said...

Wow, that is pretty funny. I can't believe she just says those things! Hey, I guess you know she isn't holding back though....that's cool though that you guys are doin the gym thing together. I'd definitely go for toned:) Bulk is kind of my opinion:)

Heidi said...

I was just telling someone this weekend about how people forget that a stroke is still a major brain injury, so random things like that are really affected. She seriously has no filter and can't help it, it's crazy!

Jeff & Sandy Gale said...

When Heidi told me this past weekend that a stroke was a brain injury, I had never thought of it that way. You'll probably now have several things you'll have to laugh about. Your family is work so well together and are so supportive of your mom. I hope I can visit with her sometime.