Monday, May 4, 2009

What's New

So there are two new developments over at my sister's house that I figured that I would mention.

The first is my brother in law Ren's new Etsy store! How exciting and he is seriously so good at what he does. His bracelets are so reasonably priced and so neat looking. He does everything by hand including the stitching along the edges.

The other is that Heidi has started a blog for her family. Check it out so that she will remember to post and more. We all live so close but let me tell you, blogs are fun. We talk all the time, but don't always have time to talk about everything.

I just wanted to mention that I am coming up on two years of my blog! That has gone by fast. Did I really start it when Gunnar was just one years old. I am planning a giveaway so stay tuned. It is a fun one. At least I think so.

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Beth said...

I am super impressed by Ren's talent; what a neat store!

I have to put one on my wish list for Mothers Day :)

Thanks for sharing!