Saturday, June 6, 2009

Going on a picnic

For Memorial Day, I thought that it would be a nice idea to visit Jeff's dad's grave and have a picnic. I did get a weird look on that one but I thought that it would be fun. Why not. We picked up lunch at Costa Vida. Jeff had never been and I have been twice. It is in a neighboring town (they really just run together and we don't go that direction that much. It is about 20 miles big deal...but we just don't go that way) Anyway... we arrived at Star Cemetary and layed out a blanket under a tree. It was such a great day and really pretty fun. Gunnar LOVED the idea. He thought that it was the best and now wants picnics every day.

Gunnar ended up running off, and we let him, and he ran and ran and ran, further and further away. Jeff went after him and he started running back. He had such a blast.
It was fun to see all of the pretty flowers. It is always nice to see all of the family headstones. Jeff has several relatives there including his little brother that died when he was an infant of SIDS. He would have been 26th this year on April 1st. Memorial Day happened to fall on the same day that he had died this year.
As we were leaving, Jeff's great aunt Betty Corn and her daughter, step son and his son and families showed up. It was nice to meet some of them and see others again. It was nice to go over how we are all related and some of the stories of some of the ancestors buried there. The funny part about Betty Corn is that she used to live across the street from us when I was growing up in Meridian. We loved her. She always gave out regular sized candy bars for Halloween. It was the best. We would always roller blade in her driveway too. So it was such a surprise when I met and married Jeff to discover that Betty is his great aunt. I always tease Jeff that HE was the pudgy little boy running around their yard. Seriously I don't remember their visitors or little kids over there (even though Jeff would go there). I just like to tease him.

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