Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ronald McDonald House

Tonight I went to a coupon class with Heidi and our friend Susan (from Heidi and my mom's ward). It was taught by A Thrifty Mom herself, Sarah. It was a super great class and she is incredibly funny and personable. I wanted to go to really see how she presented the topic. I have to teach a 20 minute mini class at enrichment in a couple of months so I wanted to glean information. I walked away realizing that 20 minutes is not enough time to understand anything. I consider myself pretty knowledgable with coupons but we were there for 1.5 hours and someone can still walk away overwhelmed. A 20 minute class with leave everyone hanging on with questions. Aaagh! Anyway, through trials and experiences in her life, she does everything that she can to give back to the community. One such organization that she mentioned was the Ronald McDonald House. On her blog she talks about how she looked up a wish list for items that they need. I didn't really know that there is such a thing. I looked up the list and realized that there are several things that I could easily donate right now from my storage. If I remember, I hope to get a few things together when my mom has an appointment in Boise. It always feels good to give back.

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Hannah said...

Ronald McDonald house is wonderful. My sister and brother in law have been staying there the past few weeks with all the medical problems with my nephew. THey can stay for $10 a night instead of the expensive Vegas hotels. It has been a life saver for them.

Sharon/mom said...

I've had to do 20 min things for enrichment, it always seems impossible and I hate to say it, a waste of time. But in the end it works out. good luck. That is cool about what that lady does with helping others. Love your little slide show thing! We're coming through when Danielle graduates. I dont' know if you will be home, it is when Penny is going to be there. I hope we get to see you either on the way there or on the way back!