Monday, June 29, 2009

I just love the talk of 3 year olds. Gunnar cracks me up with the things he says or the voices he uses. The latest is that he can not say words that start with "sp". So instead, we regularly get...farkles (sparkles)...finkles (sprinkles)...farklers (sparklers)...fecial (special)...fanken (spanken). You get the idea. The first time that he said that he had finkles on something, I could not figure it out for like 10 minutes. The kid is a hoot.

Oh ya, I also really like to say freak apparently because Gunnar loves to copy. But his comes out as fweap. He always just says it under his breath or not realizing it making it even funnier. I know, not the best.

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Amber H. said...

It's awesome you are writing it down though! Soon he will stop doing it and you will forget if you don't write it. I seriously love the cuteness of words said wrong! Enjoy it while it lasts! My kids are pretty much out of that stage now and it makes me so sad!