Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Would Anyone Be Interested in Becoming Thrifty?

I have really gotten into using coupons and more importantly using them wisely so that I can get the most bang for my buck (trust me, I have gotten some awesome deals! most of them free). I follow 3 local blogs that are solely dedicated to couponing. One of them offers classes and would be willing to do a class for anyone that wants to get friends and family together. question is, would anyone be interested in coming to my house for a coupon class? I do not want to set something up to have only a couple of people. I was also asked to present a 20 minute coupon class for our Enrichment (church) night in September and was interested in getting more information about this that I could share.

So, if you are interested, leave me a comment. If there is interest, I will work at getting a time set up.

**FYI: It would be $5/person to come, to justify the presenters time. Totally well worth it though.

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If you want to fly me out, I woudl love to go to a coupon class. Funny you mention this because today- I looked through all the adds, wrote down all teh diff. prices and then went to winco FIRST to see if it was cheaper- and after all the researching, and time, Winco was still cheaper than all the other stores. There were only 3 things that were cheaper somewhere else- carrots, grapes and cherries. That is wonderful if you can find even better deals. That is wonderful.


oh my gosh, that kills me that I coudl have gotten it even cheaper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost wish I never knew! man, well- I should probably just email you when I go shopping and asdk you if there's anything I shoudl get.

Hannah said...

i am very interested!

Heidi said...

Count me in!