Thursday, August 13, 2009

Have you ever been on a paddle boat?

We head to downtown Boise twice a week for one of her therapies. We usually drop her off and Gunnar and I head to the park to play for an our. The park we go to is close to the paddle boat pond. I look at it and look at it thinking that it would be lots of fun to do. So the other day, we decided to make a day of it with my mom. We packed a little picnic and headed out. We decided to do the paddle boats first and then eat lunch just in case we were close on time for her appointment. Gunnar was super excited and at $8 for half and hour we figured this was really doable. The boats fit 3 people so it was perfect. Nobody told me ahead of time that I could have just forgotten about the gym that morning. These things are a workout. It also didn't help that my mom could only effectively help with one leg and Gunnar was driving.
Gunnar refused to wear the lifevest so he just sat in front of it. I guess if we started sinking, I could just throw it to him. Who knows. We took it with us anyway.
We saw lots of fun things. There were HUGE fish in the pond that would swim by or splash. There were lots of geese and a few ducks. On one of the banks we spotted a group of baby ducks. We bumped our boat right up to the edge and they didn't run. Aren't they cute.After about 10 minutes I was wondering if it had been 30 minutes. I can't imagine doing this for an hour. After a while the time went really quick and it was time to head back. They also had these other funny paddle boats. It was quite funny to see a gigantic swan swimming on the pond.Afterwards we headed to the park for lunch. Gunnar loves picnics with a passion. This kids lives for them whether we have really food or plastic food at home. He loves them. You can only imagine his excitement when the blanket went down.Three year olds also do a lot of this and yes he will eat them if I don't catch him fast enough.After lunch, we dropped my mom off and headed to the playground. One minute there were lots of kids and the next they all dissappeared. Gunnar loved practicing his balance around the out edge. He also tried his shot of photography. I loved the angle on this one. An artistic take on something that pertains to him. He also has trouble with taking serious shots. Just like his dad.
I could have seriously killed the kid. It is kind of a habit now that when we are at the park, I will call Mindy and just talk. Sadly it is usually about coupons, good deals and the cool ways that we are building food storage but it is fun none the less. I was talking to Mindy as we were heading back to pick up my mom. Gunnar decided that he would unbuckle the carseat from the seat so when I turned the last corner he flew to the other side still strapped in. It was funny. It really was. I just let him sit there until I parked the car. He was stuck and he didn't like it. I just had to get pictures because I really hope he learned his lesson.

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Amber H. said...

K, so I have to say that I absolutely LOVE the fact that you can see every ounce of Gunnar's personality in every picture you take. It's great! I also laughed when I saw him laying sideways in the car. That is hilarious! Hopefully he won't do it again! Oh, and yeah, paddleboats are a killer. A good workout though!

Brittney said...

Looks like fun! I think is't great that you left Gunnar in his seat like that. I bet he won't do it again!

Heidi said...

He seriously looks just like Jeff in his goofy pics at the park! And the seat thing was funny when you told it to me -- but the picture was priceless!!