Thursday, August 13, 2009

We are going way back

So I can definately see why keeping up on this in the moment is important. I look back at the pictures I just downloaded off of the camera and realize that events become quite fuzzy. Plus my dad informed me yesterday that he checks and nothing is there and I am sure that he really doesn't care about whether or not I like coconut m&m's. So here we go.

Fourth of July was a lot of fun. Our ward at church always has a breakfast which is such a nice way to start out the busy day. Jeff's brother and my sister in law with two of their kids showed up as well. They had Adam who is older than Gunnar and cute Bridger who will be a year in October. Gunnar found it funny to put his hat on Bridgers head. Bridger didn't seem to mind. Afterwards we headed to the parade in town. I love this parade. Gunnar has always gotten a good share of candy, the floats are fun and it is actually quite long. The funny thing that we did notice is that is was shorter than last year and we didn't get some really cool things because it was not an election year. Holy cow! Last year all of the candidates were in the parade and we got some really neat things. Not so much this year but it was still really fun. It is also easy to park where you are watching the parade and get out.
After the parade, we head to the main park in town where they have lots of fun things to do. Apparantly I didn't take my camera. I should have because Adam and Gunnar participated in relay races and it was the funniest thing when they had to put a balloon between their legs and walk to the end and back. Gunnar's balloon was a little too big so it was hard for him but Adam was determined. We were laughing so hard, poor kid. He looked like a little duck walking down there. We were also able to go through the train displays that are usually closed during the week. Gunnar loved it and why didn't I get pictures?

Afterwards we headed to my great Aunt Nancy's house. She always has a BBQ and it is always fun to be with close family and friends. They ended up renting a HUGE water jump house for only 4 kids! Can you believe it. Gunnar loved it.

We got a kick out of watching Gunnar and Zoey go down over and over again. Zoey was doing crazier things and we were just hoping that Gunnar was not really watching. Any Hawaiian get together always involves music and lots of it which makes these super fun. I love my great aunt Nancy. She is so incredibly nice and always willing to give. My great uncle Stan is here brother and we love him lots too. We didn't really have grandpa's growing up so he kind of took that place for us. It has been so much fun to have lots of family around. It wasn't always like that. After all of this fun, I think we went home and took a nap. Can't really remember but I do know that we decided to head to the College of Idaho just blocks away from our house for the fireworks show. We usually watch it from my parents patio a few miles away. They live up on a ridge which is neat because you can see several cities firework shows plus all of the amateurs. So we headed down to the college a little early to get a good spot. Dustin and Stephanie met us there with Bridger. Adam went with his mom earlier. We waited and waited until the show started. Just a funny story. Earlier in the day Bridger bought Dustin a present. Dustin let him play with his phone and unknown to him, until he tried to clear it from the phone, Bridger bought him a new ringtone. He bought him Thriller by Michael Jackson. Boy is this little guy already technically advanced.

There were lots of smart people who made this a family affair with snacks and everything. Smart. Next year. The fireworks finally started and it was a really fun show. A fire truck went whizzing by right in front of us. As I was looking at that apparently the finale had just happened and I missed it. Everyone sat in silence for about 5 minutes wondering if that was it. It really was short. It was kind of weird and sort of a strange let down. However I was glad that our town put on a fireworks display. So many towns cancelled theirs. The newspaper the next day did talk about how short it was and did mention that about 1/3 or 2/3 (can't remember now) of the fireworks were not lit. We still had such a great time as a family and can't wait for next year.

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Elizabeth said...

Apparently the firework display had technical problems. A lady from my ward was there and said they announced it to those at the stadium.
Elizabeth (Mefford) Neratko