Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How Did Your Garden Grow This Year

This year our garden was severely neglected. Despite its neglect, it still produced some for us. Each year we are learning what works best and how much of things we need to grow. This year our yellow squash stunk in the producing category. They did not do well at all. We have gotten a few here and there. Our zucchini went WILD. Last year nothing, this year craziness. I have been taking a huge basketful to church each Sunday and it all disappears so I am thankful. Our tomatoes did okay. So far we have gotten the Romas and that is it. We got one ear of corn. Won't be growing that again. Waste of space and time. That bell pepper is from my mom's and we have gotten a few cucumbers. I can't wait to report on our pumpkins later because we can see a few growing and changing colors.
What we are really excited about is the raspberries. I know that this is not much but for one plant, this is its second year. For all of the others it is their first year so some did not get berries. That is okay. Next year should be great. I would love to eventually get to where we are picking lots to freeze. Despite the weeds that I have not been around to pick, our garden did okay.

2 clever remarks:

Danielle said...

Wow- that is awesome! I want to plant raspberry bushes so bad! I will have to do that the first year we are in our house. I am so excited to start a garden! It looks like you did awesome!

Elizabeth said...

Next year you will probably have raspberries galore. We have raspberry plants and they produce like crazy and the more we pick the more we get each year.