Tuesday, September 1, 2009

UP on the really big screen

A couple of weekends ago we decided to go for it and make time for the drive in a few minutes from our house. We have lived here 4 years and have never gone. What is wrong with us. The week before Ice Age and Up were playing. I was really hoping that it would be the same the day we went but it wasn't. Up was still there but the Eddy Murphy movie. I can not remember the name all of a sudden...probably because I fell asleep half way through.
Gunnar and I ran into Heidi at Walmart that afternoon and we excitedly told her what we were doing. She looked at us funny and told us that they were going there too for her sister in laws birthday. It was pretty random and we did not intend to crash the party. They were kind enough to share cupcakes with us. They are the greatest people.
Anyway, we blew up the air matress for the back of the truck and loaded up with blankets/pillows and snacks. Gunnar was over the top excited. We dressed him in pajamas and brought games to keep him busy but he was happy jumping on the mattress and being just plain excited. It was pretty funny to watch.
Finally the place was busy and it got dark and the movie started. Gunnar became instantly quiet and interested. He did not move the entire time. He loved the movie and the entire experience. The night was so perfect. It was nice and calm until it got to a part in the movie where it became stormy. Our night all of a sudden became windy and slightly cold and stayed that way. It was the weirdest thing. It really was a super great night.
While we waited for the movies to start, we had nothing better to do than take silly pictures. Gotta pass the time somehow.The second movie started, Gunnar curled up towards the end of the truckbed and he was out like a light. This will definately be something that we do again in the near future. We just have to wait for another set of movies that we want to see.

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Danielle said...

How fun. I never thought to bring an air mattress! What a great idea! I am always SO UNCOMFORTABLE at those movies. So I never want to go! You've inspired me! I bet Gunnar had so much fun. That would be so exciting when you're a little kid.

Amber H. said...

I seriously LOVE drive in movies. The last time I went was over 10 years ago, but it was still SO fun, and I love the movie UP. How fun for your family! I'm jealous you have one nearby...we have to drive 3 hours for one!