Friday, January 8, 2010

Knock Off Wood

I found this awesome site yesterday called Knock Off Wood. This chick is an amazing carpenter and the best part is that she posts detailed plans for all that she makes. The other best thing is that she makes things that are knock offs of PB and PBK among others. I get the PBK catalog in the mail and always drool over the large furniture pieces. Well this site will help you make those pieces a reality at a fraction of the cost. Once I wrap my head around some of these, maybe Jeff can eventually make one. My brother in law Ren would be awesome at this and would be able to put something together in no time. I have two other friends that I know their husbands make things like this.
She is also sponsoring a $25 Lowe's gift card giveway. When I found this site yesterday I was seriously going to post it no matter what because it was so awesome, but the giveway was also a nice reason to do so too. She put it up today. And if you decide to enter the giveaway because of this post, make sure you leave a seperate comment letting her know. We both have the possibility of winning the gift card.


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Brittney said...

This is such a COOL website Kristi! Thanks for posting this cuz I love all the stuff in PB and PBK so now I can get John busy making me something!