Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Nice to be in the 2nd Trimester

This last Saturday, I passed on to the second trimester. It feels so good to be here. My doctor said that I have 1% chance of miscarriage. Not that I am at high risk of it, but this time around I was more aware that it could happen to anyone than when I was with Gunnar. Heidi's miscarriage last year probably made me more aware of the possibility. With Gunnar, I just floated aimlessly along the wonderful world of my pregnancy.

It is kind of interesting to go through this again 4 years after Gunnar. I feel as if I am doing parts of this over again for the first time ever. I've forgotten most of what happens, as strange as that sounds. When I discovered that my first tell tale sign that I was pregnant was bad acne, I had to look it up in a book to see if that was a problem with pregnant people before I was sure. I also act somewhat clueless at the doctors office too.

Last Monday, my doctor listened to the heartbeat for the first time on my stomach. We were a little worried because he had to look and look and look for the heartbeat. Finally the tiny sound was found. That was a little unnerving. I am waiting any time now to start looking pregnant. Thankfully height is on my side when it comes to pregnancy. Last week I had a crazy day of energy and thought that it was the beginning to getting things done. Nope, I am drained. I am exhausted and tired again. I hope this changes soon.

We find out what this baby is March 1st. We are so excited. We plan on making a morning of it with Gunnar. Once we find out, we want to go to lunch and then somewhere to pick out an outfit for the baby. We are excited. Names will be interesting this time around. We knew before we had Gunnar that if it was a boy it would be Gunnar. No second guessing that one. Jeff and I had that one pegged before we were married. It was an easy choice. This time around, we are not entirely sure but we do have some names narrowed down. Maybe I will take a poll for fun when we know what the baby is. Maybe I should take a poll as to what you think the baby will be...a boy or girl. I am excited to see what it will be. My queasy symptoms were far less this time around, I had bad acne on my face (didn't with Gunnar), migraines have been far less. Who knows.

Gunnar is pretty funny. We were at Heidi and Ren's last Saturday to pick him up from them watching him most of the day. We took pizza over there to eat and as it was cooking, Gunnar and I were laying on the couch. Gunnar started to climb over me and I told him not to because it hurt my stomach. He looked at me and said, "Oh. Did I hurt YOUR baby." The way that he said it made us laugh. He totally emphasized the your part. Minutes before, Heidi and I were just talking about whether he really understood that I was having a baby or not because it doesn't look like I am. Apparently he understands.

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Kimberly said...

It's only been 2 years since I had Mason and I still forget a lot of things. Acne being one of them. I think the Lord blesses you to forget!

Brittney said...

Hope your feeling better soon and you have all the energy you need to get stuff done! We're so happy for you!

Lizzie said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy! It's crazy how you forget so much stuff about how you feel/look, etc.

Names....good luck. We're having this baby 2 weeks from today....and still don't have a name. = )


that is so funny what gunnar said about "YOUR" baby. ha. I'm so glad you're in your 2nd trimester, - ever since megan had her miscarraige, and then heidi- like you said, I am jsut more aware of it, I never thought about it before them. it makes me watn to not announce it until it's "safe" but I dont' know how i will hold it in either. I'm so happy for you that your pregnant!- that's funny that you can't remember certain things. take care-


oh yeah- and thankyou so much for sharing the "knock of wood" site with us- i love it! and can't wait until I am up to making things and hopefully getting mike to help.