Monday, March 15, 2010

Baby B

So I am 22 weeks pregnant and feeling great. Being pregnant with child #2 is soooo different than with child #1. When I was pregnant with Gunnar, I felt that I needed to be extra careful. Take is super easy. Make sure I didn't lift hardly get the picture. With child #2, there is no way I can avoid Gunnar or not take care of him like I normally do. Which means, I still chase him, still lift his heavy little body, get incredibly tired from doing it all. So different. At this point, I can't imagine adding another child in the mix. Thankfully none of us have gotten really sick, aside from a normal cold. We are generally healthy and I am so thankful.

We are really excited to be adding another little guy into the family. Not to mention that it cuts down on baby expenses tremendously in the fact that we have all of the boy stuff. For that I am grateful. At this point, I can't imagine spending more money on girl clothes. Those things add up even if I was buying them at yard sales or thrift stores. I've had to buy more maternity clothes for me than I will ever have to for this baby. I had no summer stuff. Just the winter stuff. I look back at the time of the ultrasound and realized that I was a little in shock of finding out it was another little boy. I later realized that it wasn't the fact that it was another boy, but that it finally hit me that I was having another baby! Two kids, not just one kid anymore. After 4 years next month, I pretty much have it good with Gunnar, but now we get to start all over again with a newborn. There are advantages to having kids closer together, I now realize. But we wouldn't have it any other way over here.

People tells us that it will be fun for Gunnar to have a brother, but Jeff and I talk about this all of the time. They really aren't that close. By the time this baby gets kicked out of his crib and has to share a room, he will probably be 2ish and Gunnar 6 years. That's a big gap. By the time Gunnar graduates high school, this baby will most likely be a freshman or somewhere around there. When Gunnar is into big boy stuff, this baby will be into little boy stuff. Not quite condusive to builting a close brotherly bond when they are younger. Thankfully the older people get, the age gap shrinks and things change.

So we have narrowed it down to two names, I think. This was a tough one for us. Gunnar...easy. Had that name before he was conceived. This guy, had only one name to go on and it is in the running. The first is Breckin Maunakea. Breckin (or Breck for short) because we like it and Maunakea (pronounced mauna kay a) because it is our great grandpa's middle name on my dad's side. It is Hawaiian. Jeff feels that Gunnar will feel left out if the rest of our kids end up with hawaiian middle names. Why should he. He has the exact same middle name as his dad and grandpa. It can't get better than that. The other name is Brent Maunakea. Brent is my brother's name, yes, but it is also my grandpa's name on my mom's side (my mom's dad's name). We both really like it and both of these names come across as strong names. We haven't committed to one or the other yet, even though we are leaning stronger to one over the other.

So the question is, what name do you like? I am interested to know. You can comment or take the poll on the right hand side of myblog.

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HeidiT said...

Well, I have always liked Breckin, but of course you know I also like Brent since that is what we plan on naming one of our kids if we have more than one boy too. Either ones a good pick! (Oh, and I love the middle name too)

Megan and Greg said...

Breckin's kind of a cool name. At first I was like,
"Huh?" I've never heard that name before. But it's got a ring to it. I like the name Brent though. I notice when it comes to boy names, I tend to like the familiar. I like that you're naming the middle names after someone. Greg and I want to do that.

katy said...

Breckin is way cute and it sounds like the same kind of name as gunnar. I like that. I know what you mean about the 2 kid thing. Pretty scary, huh? Oh yeah. I saw you on Mindy's blog. You look so cute with your little belly.

mandbrid said...

From the title of your post it sounds like you're announcing a and baby b. Augh! You had me going there for a minute.
I like Breckin - and it does go well with Gunnare like Katy said.

Kristi M. said...

That is super funny Mandy! Only a mother with TWO sets of twins would probably think of that.

mandbrid said...

Wow....I sorry about adding an E to Gunnar's name....don't know what happened there.