Monday, March 15, 2010


Saturday Mindy hung out pretty much all day at my house. It was a lot of fun and we had a plan. She arrived just in time to have Jeff's waffles with us. Then we were down to business making the fake flower hair clips for a big festival that we dance at every year. We sold them last year and did pretty well so we figured we would do it again. When you think of Hawaii, you think of flowers, right? So it works. This is our contribution to the event. After that Mindy and Rillz headed to a big car show with Gunnar and met Brent there. Gunnar was free so Mindy figured why not. I didn't really want to spend the money to get in and Jeff was working on some tile stuff, so I had to time to myself. I made taco soup for everyone when they got back. I figured that was the least that I could do.

Mindy and I didn't think that Gunnar really knew where he was going. He then pipes up telling us that he was going to a cars show. Mindy realized when they pulled up to the building that he thought that they were going to a CARS (Disney) Show (movie). Ooops! But he was equally excited about being there and was good for 2.5 hours of walking. He did tell me that his favorite was an orange truck. He also got to meet Spiderman which was a huge deal. Mindy said Spiderman was so good with each child and took lots of time with each one. Gunnar got a little autographed card from him with his other super hero friends on it. Gunnar LOVED it. The entire night he kept telling us that Spiderman is his friend.

BTW, the child dressed himself in the morning. There was no convincing him to change his clothes for the car show. Whatever makes him happy.

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I saw this pic on mindy's page- so cute!