Thursday, March 25, 2010

Easter Spirit

I am trying really hard to make holidays fun for Gunnar. It can be a challenge for me on some of the holidays. I found this super cute idea online the other day and wanted to make it. It is a banner made to look like PEEPS! This is totally in honor of Jeff and his love for peeps plus it is really cute. I also had 2 yards of yellow felt that I have had for 5+ years that I can't remember why I bought it.
You have to check out her site and her photos. They are amazing!
I also ran across this idea for a daily activity or treat and thought that it was also perfect to countdown the days to Easter. It started yesterday. The first egg had candy in it. Gunnar was with Heidi for the day so I made it easy. Gunnar was so excited to open the second egg this morning. He opened it with Jeff and it said "Color an Easter picture". He was pretty ticked that it wasn't candy. As the morning progressed, he became excited to color his picture. During lunch Jeff, Gunnar and I each colored a picture. Gunnar is so proud of those. He now looks forward to opening the next egg.

Tomorrow is read a book, a couple more have candy in them, one has a bug that grows in water. Others are make sugar cookies, make an Easter craft, have an Easter egg hunt, go on the Easter Bunny Train (Thundermountain Railroad), send an Easter card to someone you love. Gunnar and I will have fun doing these things together.

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OK are peeps a guy thing? I swear every guy I know LOVES peeps! Mike is obsessed. He even bought a shirt that says "chillin with my peeps" with a picture of peeps on it. I LOVE your easter activity/ decorations. That is so funny that he was mad the next egg didn't have candy.

Danielle said...

ohhhhhhhhh I saw those on dana's site. I love it! So cute! You did a great job!!!

Elizabeth said...

I love the egg idea. I also like that it helps you make time to have some fun with him every day. I need something like this.

Mindy said...

I like the egg thing. Thats cute!

Darin, Kyla, and kids said...

Darin will WARM Peeps for like 4 seconds in the microwave! WEIRD Anyhow, you are totally creative and FUN with the holidays! Way to go!