Friday, March 12, 2010

Time for Job Charts

Gunnar is fast approaching 4 years old next month and we fill that he is fully ready for a job chart. I saw this job chart here quite a long time ago and loved it. I finally decided to sit down yesterday and make Gunnar's. Let me tell you, it was hard. It had been about a year since I did any digital scrapbooking. Basically since my mom had her stroke, I didn't have time. I felt like I was relearning my program all over again. And when my computer got it's virus and I lost every single picture and almost all digital scrapbooking stuff, I had no desire. I was depressed about it. However, this has fired me up to do it again and I love the results. All that is left is getting it printed through Costco as a 12x18 print and laminated. I really liked the designers chores, so I stuck with them. They are totally age appropriate for Gunnar. Eventually they will probably change.

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so cute!

HeidiT said...

Great idea, I love it!