Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Don't Say the "N" Word

Don't say the "N" word with Diesel around. He may sulk off around the corner because he lost his manhood April 12th. I am also pretty sure that Kaika gave him some word of advice before she went about the vet's office because he did not want to get out of the car. Not one bit. I had to yank him by the collar to come. Once inside he was perfectly fine. Again, I am going to mention how I love our vet. They are the nicest people there.

I really, really wanted to know how much he weighed. So they went back and weighed him and gave me the news. This beast of a 7 month old puppy weighs 76lbs! That is huge. They told me that a Golden was dropped off that very morning, for the same exact procedure, was totally full grown and weighed exactly 76lbs too. He is going to be a big boy unless he maintains now and just lengthens out like a chubby baby.

The procedure was a one day thing. Drop them off in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon. I was told that he may be a little groggy afterwards but he will be able to walk out of there. Uh no...we knew he was going to be okay when we could hear the vet tech being pulled down the hallway to the waiting room. He was full of energy and really happy to see us. A couple of days later he just laid around exhausted and he has been more clingy but he has been doing that since. Maybe the surgery mellowed him out a little...and really just a little.

This last weekend, Mindy and Rillz left for Portland to a friend's wedding. I quickly volunteered our house for the dogs. Kaika just died and we figured he needed playmates. On a trial run, we discovered that Simon (a Cairn terrier) and Diesel would not work out so he went to my parent's where he got the kings treatment anyway. Malu (boxer) and Diesel had the best 3 days ever. For 12 hours the first day, they played nonstop. I never saw them stop. At midnight, I told Jeff that Malu just had to go in the crate because I couldn't take their playing. The next 2 days they did rest a little but did lots of playing.

Friday, we took Malu, Diesel, and Hurley (Heidi and Ren's Golden) to the park to let them run and play. Gunnar rode his bike and the rest of us walked. All of us had so much fun until the skies became gray and thunder could be heard. We figured it would be best to head back. Good thing because it did rain a little later on. Heidi and Ren stayed for pizza and it was fun hanging out with them.

Saturday we headed to Jeff's brother's house for dinner. We brought Diesel along to let him play with their black lab, Sam. However Sam is about 10 years old and going blind so he really wasn't that interested in a rambuntious in-your-face puppy. On the other hand, we had a great dinner and watched a movie on their wall with the projection thingy. We also learned that Diesel gets car sick extremely bad. Thank goodness he was in a crate in the back of the truck.

Mindy and Rillz finally rolled into town and stopped to eat dinner at our house. Surprisingly Simon and Diesel now get along. It really may have had something to do with the neuter because he wasn't on our trial run the weekend before. That night, this gigantic puppy was tired. I've never seen him quite like that before.

Diesel is the best dog, by far that we have ever had. We are thrilled to have him in our family. He will continue to be a great family dog as we all get older and yes, this is how he sleeps on a very regular basis.

3 clever remarks:

Danielle said...

Ha- oh man. I love the random sleep positions of dogs. Dante always falls asleep with his head resting on like...I don't know. something very hard and uncomfortable. I always wonder how he can sleep like that!

Amber H. said...

Ha ha, he sounds like a great dog Kristi! Except for the car sick thing. Piper was that way and it was horrible! YUCK! We are about to get both of ours fixed here in the next couple of weeks, so we'll be experiencing the same things over here! Oh, and our dogs totally sleep like that too. Too funny.

katy said...

That's one big puppy. I love how your family is total dog family. It's cute how they play with there dog cousins and you babysit for each other. It's sounds just like we are with our kids.