Monday, May 31, 2010


A while back as I was in Meridian, I discovered a European food store and decided to head in. They had so many interesting things including herring that just looked gross. I was after two things though. Food that Jeff ate on his mission. I did find the Russian feta cheese stuff and decided to buy some on my second time in. I love feta and had to give it a try but that stuff was so salty. I hardly think things are too salty, sweet, ... but this stuff was salty. Jeff was in love though and that price, he better enjoy it. The other thing that I was on the hunt for was Bulgarian yogurt stuff. The guy told me that they carry it, don't get it in often, and when they do it sells really fast. Still waiting to get my hands on that. Around Easter my dad bought a German chocolate Easter egg for Gunnar and the chocolate was soooo good. We will definately be back to try more.

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