Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy 1 Week Brecken!

I can't believe that we have already reached the 1 week mark. It really has gone quickly. Upon leaving the hospital, days have gone quickly one from the next. Days go by fast when all that I am pretty much doing is nursing and changing diapers I guess.
Our first 1 week encounter was Gunnar with Brecken. Jeff and I were in the office for about 10 minutes when Jeff informs me that Gunnar was on the couch eating popcorn. Sounds great. The ten minutes later, Jeff walks out to find Gunnar on the couch holding Brecken. What!? Gunnar tells us that he got him out of the swing and wanted to hold him. Oh ya, and he also put him in the bouncer apparently on the way to the couch. When we found him, he was holding Brecken perfectly but all the transporting from one place to the other was unnerving. I informed him that he needed to get adult help and not do it on his own. If he does, Brecken's head will pop off. Anything to inflict a little serious fear I will do. Gunnar wants to be the independent big brother so bad. He loves that little guy and Brecken will generally be really alert when Gunnar is in the room. He probably follows Gunnar with eye movement the most.

Brecken has been pretty fun this past week. He is the calmest most patient baby. We hardly hear him burst out in a full blown cry. It really takes a lot to get him there. He is really content. He still, of course, has his days and nights messed up pretty badly. He sleeps for 4 hour stretches if I am laying with him, only about an hour if I am not. He eats incredibly well. Gunnar was horrible at nursing so I gave it up after about 5 months. Brecken caught on almost immediately and does so well at it. I am so relieved about it because that was the one thing that I was worried about.

It has been tough being home with an incision and nagging pain on one side of it. I consistantly took my meds on the dot. Yesterday Jeff and I headed to Winco. Walking around Winco is like walking around the block 6 times because the place is so big. I was exhausted when I got home but I think my body needed it. The nurses always told me that I should be walking 3-4 times in the hospital. I never did and I think they knew what they were talking about. Today I feel so great and only took my pain meds twice and my body is starting to function normally again. I am not planning on running around the block but it was nice to get out and something that I needed.

Brecken is telling me that this is enough for now and is most likely hungry, so until next time.

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oh my gosh- i can't believe he picked him upa dn carried him to the couch! that's so scary! but kind it is funny (since nothing bad happened) I love the explanation you gave him- his head will pop off. It's not funny, it just sounds funny. That's so cool that he is breast feeding really good, I'm so happy for you- i dread breast feeding because everyone says it hurts so bad at first, but I want to breast feed, it just sounds so painful at the beginning! I feel really bad for yoru poor stomach- it is so painful there because of all teh muscles! just a sneeze hurts so bad. or laughing. I'm glad the walk helped. Hey does Breckin have red hair? it looks kind of red in the pic.


oh yeah- Breckin is adorable! Sometimes I forget the main event of posts, and get on tangents- he is adorable! And I really think he looks like Gunnar- does he to you?

Danielle said...

He is soooo cute! And WOW- Gunnar just feels right at home being big brother! Holy smokes! hhahah- so scary, but kinda funny to think about. Yeha...I would tell him his head would flop off too! Sounds like you're doing great. I'm so happy for you.

shellysanford said...

His hair looks like it is red. Is it? He is cute.

Megan and Greg said...

Man you are a quite the blogger today! That's really nuts about the walking. I would expect the opposite. I can't believe about Gunnar carrying Breckin! Man! I would freak out! Thank goodness he was fine though. That is a super cute picture. It's crazy. In his birth pics I think he looks SO MUCH like Gunnar, but I don't see it as much now.