Thursday, September 9, 2010

2 Months

This week, Brecken turned 2 months old. Has it really been two months? Wow!
-is 12lbs 12oz and 22.25 inches long
-well over the 97th percentile
-smiles all the time to people he knows
-wrinkles up his forehead for those he doesn't
-eats like a baracuda, he gets the job done
-some 0-3 month clothes are starting to get tight, so irritating
-likes to sleep with blankets near his face
-loves to snuggle with daddy when he gets home
-still loves Gunnar
-can hold his head up pretty well
-so cuddly and squishy, he just molds
-not always the best as nothing gets done
-sleeps well in his crib, still not through the night
-we love his great, mellow, easy going personality

3 clever remarks:

Danielle said...

he is so cute. I love that he is over the 97th percentile! hah! He is so precious.

Kimberly said...

Him and Gage are exactly the same! Gage was 22 in and 13.3 lbs. We like them chubby!

shellysanford said...

WOW! He is quite the chunk! I haven't really seen him up close for awhile. he is cute.