Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy First Birthday Diesel!

Yesterday Diesel turned 1 years old! I have never had a dog where we actually knew their birthday. Gunnar and I headed to Petsmart to pick him out a toy. Gunnar insisted on a Martha Stewart skull and crossbones soft toy that plays creepy laughs when the button inside is pushed.
Diesel loves it and carries it everywhere inside. Just like I thought, the tag is already missing and he is onto the stuffing inside. Whatever, it is his birthday.

This morning as I was feeding Brecken on the couch, I watched Diesel run full speed ahead into the closed sliding glass door. He then freaked and ran into the baby swing tipping it over, then the ottoman knocking it over along with the laptop. I screamed for Jeff to help him. He was freaked out. Jeff said he was shaking pretty bad. I guess that is what happens after super clean windows from the weekend. Usually they are covered in his muddy pawprints or wet nose marks.

We love this goofy, high energy guy. He may cause us to want to pull our hair out at times but it is worth it.

3 clever remarks:

HeidiT said...

Happy Birthday Diesel! And is there anything Martha Stewart doesn't do? Seriously, dog toys!?

Beth said...

I love that someone else celebrates their pup's special day (crazy loves company). I just knew when I first posted about ours, I would get some phone calls from concerned friends. It just makes me so happy to see them over the top cookoo with a new toy; even if they do eat them in the blink of an eye... it's the joy in the journey right?
Happy Birthday Diesel!

Danielle said...

hahhahaa- oh my gosh. I can completely see this situation. Dante would probably be the same way. Puppies are so funny. and cute!