Thursday, September 2, 2010

I've Discovered

...that my baby is way huge and heavy.
...that I eat far more now than when I was pregnant because of nursing. Joke is I eat more than a teenage boy. I am always hungry.
...that babies sneeze when they have a cold so that they can clear their noses.
...that I have no problems sucking the stuff out. The more the better even if he cries.
...that baby crying never bothers me. I stay pretty mellow.
...that it feels like I rarely get to take a shower. Can't trust a 4 year old with a newborn.
...that Gunnar has an awesome memory.
...that Gunnar is obsessed with our "meetings" aka Family Home Evenings.
...that I am nesting but not pregnant or spring cleaning but it is not spring.
...that you do not tell 4 years about his special events unless you want to hear about it foever.
...that I love 20 packages of FREE cheese because of coupons.
...that Gunnar does not want to marry a girl because he says, "girls have special powers and will turn me into a girl." He is very adament.
...that he will marry Brecken instead.
...that Jeff and I are very busy people.
...that we have a goofy, spaz dog that we love.
...that Diesel can chew an entire rawhide bone in one night.
...that Gunnar is overly obsessed about his brother in a good way.
...that he is so proud to be a big brother.
...that I hate the new emissions testing in our county. We failed = $ for repairs.
...that I really enjoy sewing easy little projects here and there.
...that Gunnar keeps us on the right track with prayers and scripture reading.
...that our house requires a leaf blower. Ours broke and we were lost without one.
...that, like 5 seconds ago, my babies thumb was in his mouth. Oh no he doesn't.
...that life is ever changing and pretty exciting...

4 clever remarks:

Megan and Greg said...

That was so funny. I laughed out loud many times. Your baby is so beautiful. I see that face and I just want to nuzzle it, but he's far far away . . .

Brittney said...

Very cute post! Don't worry about the thumb sucking. I tried to get Maddie to suck her thumb, it happened about 5 times but she prefered a pacifer in the long run.

HeidiT said...

Pretty sure I hear all about probably 90% of these comments during my drive to work with Gunnar. Seriously, he tells me ALL about the daily happenings at the Miller household (FHE and leaf blower being the 2 big topics of this week)

Beth said...

I am LOL about Gunner and Heidi's comment... soooo funny! Good Luck with that :)

Unfortunately the next stage is questions... why? why? why? Great bonding time on the world wide web (carefully)!!

I will put my teenager up against you in an eating contest anyday... bring it, ha ha ha!

Nest at my house, pleeeeaaase!!

I love spaz dogs too.

I am with you against emissions testing, UGGGggggg!

:) smiling that your son keeps you on track with prayers and scripture reading, they are awesome for that, what an amazing generation. And he is starting really young! Two thumbs up!!

Oh no, I have a leaf blowing neighbor that sends them all into our yard... tell me your NOT a "LEAF BLOWING FAMILY"!!! We may have to stop being friends :(

Great post!