Friday, October 15, 2010

3 Months Old

Two weeks ago Brecken turned 3 months old. He has proven to be a big boy but I don't have an appointment of any type for him until November so I am not so sure how big he is. I am thinking of taking him in for a weight check just to find out.
*Brecken is a happy boy
*about 3 weeks ago his cry changed from newborn to full blown infant
*recently found his hands and sucks on them all the time
*gets so restless when Gunnar is around
*attended his Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky's wedding October 1st
*lifts his legs on his own when his diaper is getting changed. Makes me laugh.
*talks, and talks, and talks. Just like his dad and brother.
*still loves his baths. I can pour water over his head and he loves it.
*still wakes up several times at night to eat. This kid loves to eat. I miss sleep.
*loves to cuddle to the point that I get nothing done. If I put him down or leave him, he cries.
*not a fan of the carseat if it is in the car and the car is not moving. Drives me nuts.
*he fights and fights sleep. Not fun.
Not all photo sessions are fun...

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