Friday, October 15, 2010

Falling For You

Photobucket (Jeff was throwing leaves on them. I love how Gunnar is closing his eyes and Brecken is oblivious to the fact that he could get poked in the eye with one)
Fall is definately here. We have this one tree that changes colors first and drops it's leaves first out of all the other trees on the street. The tree is so beautiful and the leaves change to orange, purple and yellow every fall. I love it. Gunnar has grown to love the leaves for obvious reasons. This year we are trying to stay on top of things and rake them as they come down. Gunnar was pretty ticked when we raked these up and got rid of them. We had to show him that there were hundreds more still in the tree.
Something that I learned since having Brecken is that you can love more than one child at a time. My heart easily has room for them both. I wasn't worried about this when I was pregnant like some other people are. It was just easier than I thought.

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Mindy said...

oooh leaves... fun to look at but stink to rake up and bag.


cute pics! and your fam pics are great too- I never got a chance to comment!