Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Ran Away

Mom: Gunnar who did you play with at preschool today.
Gunnar: Zander
Mom: Oh that's great.
a few minutes go by
Gunnar: Maya was kissing Zander and she tried to kiss me.
Mom: Did she kiss you?
Gunnar: No I wouldn't let her. he's the kid that thought sleeping beauty kissing at the end of the movie was gross.
Mom: Does Aunt Heidi know?
Gunnar: No.
Mom: Well, we need to call her and let her know.
Gunnar: Noooooooo! out of embarrassment
I grabbed the phone and dialed her number as Gunnar protests
I tell Heidi on the phone and we laugh. There is a rule against this and she is not suprised that Maya would do something like this. She now needs to inform all of her staff about it.
That night I told Jeff about it at dinner. He asked Gunnar what he did. Gunnar said he ran away and then went back to find Zander. Oh brother. It is already starting and I need to remind my son that girls have cooties.

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Danielle said...

hah oh man. Crazy how young it starts! That's a good sign he's telling you things though.