Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Part 2

We had a lot of fun on Halloween. Mindy and Rillz went with us. Mindy had the entire Wizard of Oz thing down. Her dogs even had costumes. Rillz made a great tin man. Mindy was Glinda the good witch. Apparently she had this cheap thrift store dress but when her boss found out about it, she took Mindy to storage to retrieve this awesome dress. It was a dress that she wore many years ago on a cruise. The shawl was her grandmothers or maybe great grandmothers. Either way it was really old. It had a real fur collar dyed pink. The entire thing was so sparkly. Their Cairn terrier was Toto. He really is the same type of dog from the movie and we were told that his name was Toto when Mindy got him. Malu the boxer was Dorothy. It was a dog costume made to look like her. It was rediculouly funny.
Gunnar convinced dress to dress as a pirate too so they quickly put together a great costume. I don't like it when Halloween falls on a Sunday. Everybody doesn't know what to do. Do you do it Saturday or Sunday. We chose to go out Saturday which proved hard because hardly anyone was handing out candy. Gunnar still came home with a ton. We chose not to go out on Sunday. Sunday we ended up going over to my parent's for dinner with my family and it was tons of fun.
Trick or treating ended with our car breaking down a little ways from our house. So frustrating. I can't stand car problems. They make me mad. Rillz and Jeff ended up pushing the car home. We got into our truck and headed to my mom's. Gunnar had enough and started to attack me as I was trying to take the picture.

I get teased every year for not dressing up. Halloween was never a favorite of mine but now that I have kids, I get quite excited. Maybe next year I will be in costume.

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