Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Part 1

Every year, the county courthouse buildings do a trick or treat and hand out candy. We've had a lot of fun going in the past. It also becomes especially fun because Jeff works with the county so he always goes with us.
Gunnar originally wanted to be a knight. I convinced him to change to a pirate after my nephews birthday where he got an eye patch and earrings. This costume was fun to put together. I found the hat, white shirt, and red fabric at the thrift store. The pants I bought at Walmart, cut the bottoms and ran stripes with glow in the dark paint. The sword was found at a thrift store in McCall. The shoes we already had. He loves his costume.
Brecken is a cute little elephant. He slept the entire time we were there. There was a lady at one of the places that asked if I wanted to get a sucker for him later. I had to imform her that he was 3 months old. We all laughed about that.
Jeff works with a guy named Jake. My mom used to work closely with a lady named Sharla. When Jeff started his job 3 years ago, we discovered that Jake and Sharla were married. They've brought their little girl Cameron to my parent's house to visit every Halloween. Anyway, when we showed up, Cameron was there too. We were too late to my parent's last year to see them so I was suprised at how big she has gotten. Her and Gunnar loved following each other around. I really should have gotten a picture of Jeff, Jake, Gunnar and Cameron all dressed up.
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4 clever remarks:

Aubrey said...

What cute little munchkins! Brecken is the cutest little boy!!

Brittney said...

They look SO cute!! I LOVE Gunnars costume he looks like a stud!! Nice job being thrifty too!! Gotta love cheap!

Mindy said...

Aargh... trick or treat. I think that was my favorite part of watching Gunnar trick or treat. And Brecken is so chubby in the elephant. Love it!

HeidiT said...

They looked so cute! I'm glad you guys were able to stop by.